The young man left the IT job and started to raise the donkey, knowing the income, your senses will be blown away

Till today you all must have read about many people who leave their jobs and earn money from other work. Now today we are going to tell you about a young man who left his job and started raising donkeys. You may not believe it, but it is true. Yes, these youths are from Karnataka and their name is Srinivas Gowda. 42-year-old Srinivasa Gowda has made headlines across the country by doing a unique work. In fact, on June 8, he went to a village in Dakshina Kannada district and opened a farm to raise donkeys. In fact, in Karnataka (Karnatak's First Donkey Farm), this is the first farm to rear donkeys, while it is the second in the country.

However, earlier a donkey farm was opened in Ernakulam district of Kerala and Srinivasa Gowda has started a profitable business with the underrated donkeys. According to the information received, Srivasa Gowda, who had studied till graduation, used to work in a software company earlier. At the same time, after leaving his job, in the year 2020, he started raising donkeys in a plot of about 2.3 acres in Ira village. Although before that they used to farm here and keep some other animals. In fact, 20 donkeys were brought here along with rabbits, chickens and chickens. He says that there was a problem even in finding the donkeys as they are of no use now. At the same time, people also made fun of his work because he did not know how many properties are in donkey's milk.

Let us tell you that according to Srinivasa Gowda, donkey's milk is tasty, expensive and full of medicinal properties. Now they are going to package it and sell it. Yes and you will also be surprised to know that 30 ml of donkey milk is sold for Rs 150. Gowda will make its packets and supply it to malls, shops and supermarkets. It is also used in beauty products, so they are going to sell it directly. According to the report of PTI, orders worth Rs 17 lakh have already arrived with him. Think, how much is the value of an animal which people do not consider to be of any use.

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