Young man took away girl who went to give exam, now arrested...

Sikar: A man drove away a girl from an examination centre in the Sikar district of Rajasthan. The police had already arrested the girl. Now the criminal who has been on the run for 8 months has also fallen into the hands of the police. According to media reports, on November 1, 2021, Udaychand filed a report that his son Manish dropped his sister at the centre in Ranoli to take the BSC second-year examination, but his daughter did not appear in the exam. Since then she has been missing.  

After the same case was registered, the police arrested the girl from Sikar itself. Thereafter, the girl told that her acquaintance Rakesh Kumar had taken her with her. The police raided his village Rampura several times in search of the culprit but he could not be caught. The police received information that the culprit had come to his village. The police arrested the criminal Rakesh Jat (25), a resident of Rampura, from his village.

On the other hand, in Rajasthan politics, it is traditionally considered the vote bank of the Tribal Congress, but this time the BJP played big politically and made the tribal woman the presidential candidate. The Congress had recently tried to woo the tribals by holding Rahul Gandhi's public meeting at the Mahakumbh of Adivasis at Baneshwar Dham.  

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