District collector himself queued up to get probed in hospital

Chhatarpur: Chhatarpur District Collector Sandeep GR conducted a surprise inspection of the district hospital. He also queued up, showed it to the doctor, took medicine. But no one could recognize him. He also reprimanded the doctors for being available. The district collector has inspected the district hospital several times due to continuous receipt of complaints of negligence in Chhatarpur district hospital.


District collector Sandeep GR then rushed to the district hospital after a call from a man on Saturday. A man had reached the district hospital for treatment where doctors were not available. The man called the district collector and informed him that he wanted treatment but the concerned doctors were not present in the district hospital.


The same collector Chhatarpur assured the man that he immediately reaches the district hospital and ask him to stay there. The district collector went straight to the hospital and made a pamphlet of the man (22-year-old Sachin Mishra) himself and rushed to the hospital to show him together. They formed a social link and queued up with the man. Where duty doctor CP Yadav could not identify the district collector. As soon as the other medical officers reached the hospital and followed the district collector, Dr CP Yadav recognise him, and he immediately left the chair and got up. The news of the same hospital caused a stir in the health sector, civil surgeons, BMO and CMHO in Anan-Phanan rushed to the hospital. He checked the cabin/chamber of each doctor and gave an ultimatum to improve the arrangements while talking about giving notice to the absent doctors. Not only that, the district collector reprimanded the doctors and health workers for checking in other chambers.


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