Bhilai: Jewelry shop robbed by the thieves in filmy style

Feb 12 2020 06:06 PM
Bhilai: Jewelry shop robbed by the thieves in filmy style

Bhilai: A case of theft has come to light in the institute of the city's famous gold and silver jewelry businessman. In which, when the shop was opened on Wednesday morning, the jewelry businessman was immediately informed by the police after seeing the broken grill of the locker. High officials rushed to the spot to inspect the incident. Although this information is not clear how much was lost in the theft.

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On this matter, the shop operators are assessing the stock by matching it. Investigation has been started in the same area. Police suspect that a thief gang from Rajasthan, Bihar or Odisha has carried out the incident. Seeing the circumstances of the incident, the officials said that the thief escaped by carrying out the incident in a very professional manner.

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According to information received from the police, the incident took place in the shop of Parikh Jewelers located in the Milky Way area. The thief had put a ladder in the under-construction building in the neighborhood and entered the shop. After this, they entered the three-floor shop on the roof side. In the shop where there is a place to lift, the accused entered the shop by piercing the wall. After the closure of the DVR machine saving footage of CCTV cameras, the theft incident was carried out by cutting the grill of the locker. The police have recovered the cutter from the spot. Now the police has started investigating the DVR machine. Officials said that this plan has been executed only after complete planning.

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