Burglary in Shraddha's house, interior designer takes away valuables

There was a news about the famous actress of the television world Shraddha Arya that Shraddha Arya's interior designer stole a lot of stuff from her house and disappeared. Shraddha Arya herself had given the news of this to her fans. Shraddha Arya had said that she was not present at home when the incident was being carried out. She had also revealed from her official Insta that the name of the designer who stole valuables from her house is Siddharth Punjabi, who has taken away a lot of goods from his house.

However, now it is reported that the interior designer realised his mistake and returned all her stolen belongings of Shraddha. The designer also apologized to Shraddha Arya. In such a situation, Shraddha Arya has also thanked her fans and supporters. Shraddha Arya wrote, "I can't thank my fans as much as I want. My followers, journalists and all those people who came out in my support.''

Shraddha Arya further said, "These people supported me a lot and supported me for what happened in my new house. Now with the help of all of you, I have got my stuff back. My fittings and all the rest are back to me. What I learned from this - Never leave your workplace like this. From this case, I learned that don't leave your workplace like this. To all my wellwishers. I will always be grateful to you.

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