'We can't sleep', thieves write letter and return idols of Balaji temple

Chitrakoot: A strange case has been reported from Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh. In fact, there is a new twist in the theft of idols worth lakhs from the famous Balaji temple. According to the information received, the stolen idols were found along with a letter outside the house of the Mahant at Mahavir Nagar ward in Manikpur town. Yes, and after the idols were found, mahant handed over the idols to the police. However, at the moment, the precious idols of Ashta Dhatu are still out of reach. Mahant Rambalak Das, the victim in the case, said, "If this incident is not revealed soon, he will launch a big agitation".

On May 9, 16 idols of Ashta Dhatu, brass and copper were stolen from the hundreds of years old Balaji temple at Tarauhan in kotwali area of the city. Yes, the mahant of the temple, Ram Balak Das, said, "After breaking the lock of the temple, the thieves stole cash and silver items, including a 5 kg idol of Shriram made of Ashtadhatu, a brass idol of Radhakrishna, the idol of Balaji and the idol of Laddu Gopal. When the priest's wife reached the temple in the morning to clean, the lock of the temple was broken and the idols kept in the temple were found missing. '

This incident caused a stir in the temple premises. After the information, the police, who reached the spot, started investigating the case. In fact, the victim Mahant had lodged a complaint in Karvi Kotwali and demanded that the thieves be arrested and strict action be taken against them. At the same time, the people of the temple administration said that the chaotic people around the temple complex have set up liquor and gambling dens. He was the one who committed the theft in the temple. After the idol was found outside his own house in Manikpur on Saturday, Mahant Ram Balak Das said, "In the morning, when he went out to give fodder and water to the bovines, he received a letter. It was written with the mention of the idols that after stealing the idol, they are not sleeping and are having scary dreams. So the idols are being returned and you should get the idols installed again in the temple.

After reading this letter, the Mahant searched for the idols and found the idols inside the sack kept under the basket outside the house. They recovered 12 bronze and copper idols but two idols of Ashta Dhatu were not found. At the same time, he informed the Kotwali police and reached the police headquarters and handed over the idols to the police.

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