Know number of corona infection cases worldwide

Jan 22 2021 03:26 PM
Know number of corona infection cases worldwide

Globally, the total number of Covid-19 cases has exceeded 9.74 crores, while deaths due to infection have exceeded 20.8 lakh. This information was given by Johns Hopkins University. The college's Centre for System Science and Engineering (CSSE) revealed in its latest update Friday morning that the current global case and death numbers are 97,460,188 and 2,088,392 respectively. According to CSSE, the US remains at the top of the list of affected countries with the highest corona case 24,619,597 and 409,877 deaths in the world. India remains second with 10,610,883 cases in terms of infection, while the death toll in the country is 152,869.

According to CSSE, other countries with more than 10 million confirmed cases are Brazil (8,697,368), Russia (3,616,680), Britain (3,553,773), France (3,0 46,371), Spain (2,453,6,675), Italy (2,428,221), Turkey (2,412,505), Germany (2,108) Colombia (1,972,345), Argentina (1,843,077), Mexico (1,688,944), Poland (1,457,755) ), South Africa (1,380,807), Iran (1,354,520), Ukraine (1,216,780) and Peru (1,073,214).

Currently Brazil is second with 214,147 deaths after the US. Mexico (144,371), Britain (94,765), Italy (84,202), France (72,139), Russia (66,810), Iran (57,150), Spain (55,041), Germany (50,381), Colombia (50,187), Argentina (46,355), South Africa (39,501), Peru (39,044), Poland (34,561), Indonesia (27,203), Turkey (27,203), Ukraine (22,521) and Belgium (20,572).

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