There is a big politics behind this Hollywood film, know...?
There is a big politics behind this Hollywood film, know...?

Four decades after the release of the movie, which brought tremendous recognition as an actor, Tom Cruise was once again seen sitting in the cockpit of the American fighter plane, which has also revived the American movie industry with him. Top Gun: Maverick is a sequel to a movie reminiscent of the old days, which is many times better than its previous movie. The first-ever flying scene also certifies the scale and ambitions of the movie. In the original 1986 film, Cruise's angry Navy pilot Pete "Maverick" Mitchell is also being warned by a civilian instructor who blows his senses, "You can't be happy unless you fly a plane at the speed of the incendiary Mach 2." ”

This sequel is actually a classic 'Maverick': In the new movie, Maverick flies his hypersonic aircraft at a Speed of Mach 10 i.e. ten times the speed of sound, and the command of the Admiral, the naval officer above him, is seen blowing the order of the Admiral in smoke, as well as ignoring the maximum capacity of his body. Taking reference from the old movie this sequel is actually a classic maverick trick.


At the beginning of the movie, there is an evening scene with the background music of Kelly Logins' danger zone, in which the navy is also providing a signal to prepare for the planes to land and fly on the aircraft carrier's airstrip. The flight team in the movie has also been given quite interesting names like Cyclone, Hangman, Warlock, Payback, Coyote. During the scene in the middle of the film, there are also scenes like advertisements: Maverick is seen running a Kawasaki ninja in one place. He is wearing aviator glasses and the helmet is missing.

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