There is a loss in business, so do this small measure on Friday.

There are many obstacles in the lives of people around the world that a person uses to overcome various measures. In that case, today we are going to tell you about tulsi measures. The most sacred tulsi plant is considered to provide peace and happiness in life. There is a law of worship in Hinduism. In fact, it has religious significance as well as its medicinal properties in Ayurveda. However, today we are going to tell you about measures that bring happiness in life and fulfill your every wish.

* It is said that on Sundays, tulsi should not be watered and milk should be offered and ghee lamps should be lit. By doing this, Lakshmi ji always resides in the house.

* It is said that if there is vastu dosh in the house, then tulsi plant should be planted on the south-east side of the house and light a ghee lamp in addition to giving water regularly here.

* It is said that if the daughter is not getting married, she should start watering Tulsi regularly. After offering water, wish Tulsi his best. By doing this, murad is completed quickly.

* It is said that if there is a loss in trade, offer raw milk in Tulsi every Friday. Then enjoy the sweets and donate the remaining prasad to a suhagan.

* They say, Take a lota of floor. Fill it with water and take 4 or 5 tulsi leaves. Put it in the lota. Then keep it for 24 hours a day and night. Sprinkle this water on the main gate after bathing the next day. Sprinkle water all over the house. It is said that this will remove the obstacles in fulfilling the desire.

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