Feature Update: Google Drive to delete trash files permanently after 30 days

This information is very essential for you if you also use Google Drive. Like Gmail, Google is going to make big changes to its drive. Like Gmail, Google will now save the Trash (deleted) of Drive for 30 days and then erase it permanently. It is starting on the 13th of October. Google drive currently store the trash files for the future.

Google has reported in one of its blogs about this update of the drive. Google has said, "We are going to change our retention policy on October 13, 2020, under which any file in the trash folder will be automatically deleted after 30 days. This policy will also be prescribed on the G-suit as well as Gmail. According to Google, the consumer will get the benefit and they will delete only the files they really want to delete".

Google is also making people aware of the new policy. Google will shortly show a banner in connection with this change to the consumer as well. There was a big bug in The hackers could misuse Google Drive. Hackers can also hack your phone with the help of this bug. The report said that these files on Google Drive could be in the form of images and documents, though Google has now fixed this bug. 

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