BMC commissioner claimed, "Hospitals do not lack beds"

Amidst mounting covid cases in Mumbai, BMC Commissioner Iqbal Singh said that there will be no shortage of beds for corona patients in the hospital. He stressed that in this situation, people need to comply with the system. Iqbal Singh said that no one can get a bed in a hospital using his influence. As corona cases are on the rise in the city, the rules for the people's safety should be followed.

Iqbal Singh said, "Some people are using their influence and asking for a report of the corona directly from the labs, and some people are calling directly to the hospital asking for beds. But I would like to warn people that if you call for it directly, you won't get a bed." The BMC commissioner said that the complaint of shortage of beds in Mumbai was coming from people who were not following the directions of the war room. "The allotment of beds in the hospital will be through only 24 ward war rooms. After coming from the lab at midnight, we will go to the patient's house the next morning and recruit them. We're doing this since last June."

The BMC Commissioner has also pressed for the vaccine. Iqbal Singh, who was vaccinated at the BKC Covid Vaccination Centre, said he had taken the first dose of the covid vaccine. He stressed that the people of the city should undergo vaccination to deal with the covid. We have additionally prepared 2269 covid beds in private hospitals for our citizens, he said. Includes 360 ICU beds. There are now 3000 beds vacant in Mumbai. 450 beds are vacant in private hospitals.

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