There will never be a termite in the wood if this thing is sprinkled.

Wooden furniture we want to keep safe for a long time. Yes and they often come across termites and they make things hollow. Many times it reduces the life of furniture and now today we are going to tell you about the measures that if you adopt then your wooden furniture will be saved from termites.

Seelan - First of all, let us tell you that termite insects grow in sealon and dark places, due to this, if there is a problem of sealing in the house, then remove it. Yes, keep the windows and doors open to remove the sealon, because it will bring light and air to the room.

Kerosene - In fact, its smell is strong and these insects do not allow the larvae of spiders to grow. In fact, by spraying kerosene in wooden goods, the worms of termites are destroyed. Yes and you can also wipe the wooden stuff by applying a little kerosene in a cotton cloth once a week, this will also be saved.

Fresh neem and karela leaves - Termite insects prefer to stay away from bitter things. If seven to eight fresh neem and karela leaves are put in the wooden furniture, then there is no danger of termites. Yes, but while putting the leaves, remember that it should not be dry, otherwise it will not smell much.

Salt- Salt contains a lot of sodium in salt. Yes, and salt is a better option for termites. If there are small holes in your furniture and there are termites in them, sprinkle salt on that place. It will eliminate the insects by melting them.

Sunlight- The easiest and most effective way to eliminate termites is sunshine. In fact, by keeping wooden items in the sun, they are absolutely safe from termites. Yes, and even if your furniture has got termite bugs, then keeping them in the sun for 3-4 days will kill all the worms.

Napathelin tablets - Chemical medicine can also be used to avoid termites. Yes, and napathleen tablets are the best option. You can get it from any medical store. You put 2-3 tablets of napathlin in wooden stuff as it does not allow termite insects to survive.


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