Body pain will be reduced from these 3 exercises

Nov 08 2019 03:04 PM
Body pain will be reduced from these 3 exercises

If you are also troubled by pain in the body. Many times you feel pain in your waist, back, and shoulders. You have also taken many types of medicines to reduce pain, even then you are not getting any benefit. In this stage, you should do stretching exercises. Stretching exercises are very beneficial in reducing pain in the body.
Let's know what these stretching exercises:

Triceps Stretch - To stretch triceps, first of all, bend your legs and sit under the buttock. Now move your right hand back and place it on the spine. To stay in this position and feel the stretch, put your left hand on the right elbow. Now try to pull your right elbow down with the help of the left hand. In this case, you can stay for about 2 minutes. Now do this exercise again with your other hand. The triceps stretch has the most impact on our back. If you do this exercise daily, then your back pain will start to disappear in a few weeks. This exercise is beneficial not only for back pain but also for shoulders and neck.

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Frog Stretch - To stretch the frog, first put both your hands on the ground. Now with the help of your hands keep your knees on the ground and take it wide. Now bend your legs and turn your claws outward. Both your feet and knees should be on the ground. After this, raise your sleep. Now stay in this state for about 2-5 minutes. Stretching the frog makes your shoulders stronger. Not only this, but it also reduces your pain and back pain.

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Butterfly Stretch - To stretch the butterfly sit on the ground and spread your legs properly. Now pull both your legs towards you with the help of your hands and bend both your knees. Keep in mind that your soles should be connected to each other. Now, with both your hands above the toes of the feet, turn your waist forward and try to keep your knees on the floor. You can stay in this state for about 2 minutes. The problem of foot pain can be overcome by doing Butterfly Stretch regularly.

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