These 4 things will give relief from the heat in the stomach

No one likes to go out in the bright sun and scorching heat. However, most people have to go out under compulsion. In such a situation, many times due to this, heat starts forming in the stomach and the health deteriorates. However, you can get relief from the heat of the stomach by including these foods in your diet. Yes, and we're going to tell you about that today.

Celery: Celery, which calms the heat of the stomach, is a vegetable, which can be drunk in the form of a smoothie, salad or juice. In fact, the amount of water in it is high and by consuming it, the body stays hydrated.

Glue Katira: Both the bright sun and the heat in the heat can make you very sick. In such a situation, you can eat gum katira. In fact, the glue katira with cold Taseer is still used in the rural areas with great fondness.

Sattu: Roasted besan is called Sattu in many parts of India. Yes, and it is recommended to consume it to calm the heat in the stomach. At the same time, it also opens up a hunger. Let me tell you that in the heat, one should drink a glass of sattu water daily.

False: It's a kind of sweet and sour fruit. Yes and due to the abundant amount of vitamin C, it is considered to be very beneficial for the stomach. Let me tell you that in the market you can get this raw or juice form.

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