These 5 effective Totkes associated with jaggery can make you the richest person
These 5 effective Totkes associated with jaggery can make you the richest person

Many benefits come from the eating of jaggery and it is a very good thing. Apart from eating, jaggery is also used in many types of tricks. If you are involved in this, you can fulfill all your desires. The junk tricks are quite effective and those who do these tricks get the benefit associated with them.

These are the effective Totke associated with jaggery-

Bad powers keep far away

To avoid bad powers and any kind of fear, you should go to Hanuman's temple and keep jaggery. To make these measures, you should keep jaggery inside the copper vessel. Before going to the temple, first recite Hanuman Chalisa and then come and put this copper vessel in front of the idol of God along with jaggery. You do this measure twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

To get the grace of God

To please the Sun God, you sink the jaggery in some running water. Apart from this, you take jaggery and wheat in a single quantity and keep it in the temple. You should take these measures for seven consecutive days. Do this on Sunday only because this day is connected to the Sun God.

For land and house

If you are trying to buy a land or a house but are not able to succeed in it, then you donate to eat anything made with jaggery to any poor person. By taking these measures on Saturday, you will have the property related benefits. In addition to this remedy, feeding jaggery and bread to the cow everyday will also benefit you and you will get the land and home you want easily.

To get money

On Tuesday, you should donate jaggery and ‘Chane’ to get the money gains. You donate these two things to one poor person together. In addition to donating, you can also donate gram and jaggery in the temple of Hanuman. However, after offering it to the temple, if you recite the debtor Mangal Sotra, then you will get more benefit from this trick and the money will increase.

To fulfill the wish

If you have any desire that is not being fulfilled, then you make these remarks related to jaggery. Under this trick, you should bind seven pieces of jiggery, seven light gems and a rupee coin with some clothes. On Thursday, throw this cloth to a deserted place. When you do this trick, speak your wish in your mind. However, keep in mind that no one should see you throwing this cloth. At the same time after throwing the cloth, you will not turn back and come home without saying anything. By taking these measures, your every kind of wish will be fulfilled.

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