These 7 dreams of Ravan, which were left unfinished after death

Oct 20 2018 08:49 AM
These 7 dreams of Ravan, which were left unfinished after death

The festival of Dusshera celebrates religion as a victory for truth. Yesterday, we have celebrated Vijaya Dashmi. According to religious texts, Lord Rama had killed Ravan on the same day Ravan, who defeated the Gods, was also a great and agnostic. But Ravan's biggest weakness was that he considered himself to be God in his ego, and wanted to change the rules made by God. If Ravan survived for a few years and would complete his 7 incomplete work and then the world is something else. Let's know what are the seven unfinished works of Ravan.

1. The first dream of Ravan was to make a ladder in heaven. Ravan wanted every person to go to heaven, so he started working on making stairs from earth to heaven. But till it was ready as a ladder, Ravan was killed in the hands of Lord Rama.

2. The second dream of Ravan was to sweeten the sea water. Ravan knew that drinking water on earth is low. If the water of the sea becomes sweet, the problem of drinking water will end forever.

3. The third incomplete work of Ravan was to fill the aroma in gold. The reason for this was that Ravan was fond of gold, so he made his entire city of gold. Ravan wanted that the fragrance should come in gold so that it can be found anywhere with fragrance, it will be easier to find gold.

4. Ravan himself was black so he wanted to eliminate apartheid. Ravan wanted everyone to look white so that no one should be kidding about their face.

5. The color of the blood is red, which Ravan wanted to whiten so that nobody knows about the murder done by him.

6. If Ravan survives for a few days, then alcohol will make it odorless. Ravana's another wish was that there would be no smell in the liquor, so that everyone could enjoy drinking.

7. Ravan wanted that the world stop worshiping God and starts worship him, but this dream of Ravan broke with him only.

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