These 8 miraculous Totke using Chapati will help to overcome all obstacles in life..try it
These 8 miraculous Totke using Chapati will help to overcome all obstacles in life..try it

By donating a roti, you can overcome many problems of your life. There are many tricks associated with bread which prove to be very effective and you can change your fate by doing these tricks. These 8 tricks associated with bread are quite simple too.

Feed the cow

To remove pestilence and to bring peace to life, you feed the first bread cow that will be made in your house every morning. In the first bread made in the kitchen, you keep the indigenous ghee and sugar or good and feed the cows to a cow. By feeding the cow to your cow, your paternal hair will be removed and you will start getting progress in life. You make this remedy daily.

Feed the dog 

Those people who have Kalsarpa defect in the horoscope,Due to feeding rows to crows, the blame soon ends. In the same way feeding the dog to the dog gives you victory on the Sutras.

Economic situation is better

To correct your financial condition and give you a poor person every day to eat bread to get more money. By feeding the beggar or the poor person full of bread, your financial condition will improve and you will not be able to do the same things. However, you give any beggar only to eat fresh bread.

Avoid Shani Dosh

Only a piece of bread can remove saturn from your life. Applying the mustard oil on the last roti that you create every night, and then give this bread to a dog. If the dog eats your bread, then understand that your fault will be eradicated. If this dog is not eaten by the dog then you do not get relief from this flaw. Apart from Shani, the obstacles that Rahu and Ketu are facing in your life also end. You make this remedy on Saturday and continue doing so until your fault is completely over in your horoscope.

To be rich

If a beggar comes in your house, then do not let the beggar go hungry and let him eat bread. By feeding the beggar, you will receive her prayer and there will be no shortage of Lakshmi in your house. You donate to the beggar along with roti, things like clothes and shoes. If there is someone in your house whose planet is very heavy, then you should donate the beggar and things to the beggar with the hands of that person.

Overcome obstacles of life

When any kind of obstruction in life, you feed the ants to bread pieces. If you want you can put sugar in the bread and put it in front of the ants. However, keep in mind that the pieces of bread are very small so that the ants can eat them easily. You can do these remedies in the morning or even in the evening and by doing this, all the troubles and obstacles in your life will be completely removed.

For keeping peace at home

When there is a fight between people in the house, you take these steps related to the bread. By doing this measure, the atmosphere of the house will be cooled down and every tension will be removed from the house. For this measure, prepare food for lunch in the afternoon and prepare the first bread for the cow and for the last roti dog. After making these roti, you feed the first bread cow and the other roti dog, after taking these measures you will begin to see its effect and the stress from your home will be completely removed.

To get success in career

If you are not getting a job then feed a two-color dog with bread. By doing this trick related to the bread, you will soon get the job of your mind. You do this trick only on Thursdays or Sundays.

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