These actresses are addicts of yoga.

For a long and healthy life, it becomes even more important for all of us to take care of our bodies. There are many types of diseases that are very difficult to avoid, so to avoid  these diseases, many people start adopting different types of fitness routines daily. The biggest and most famous of all these is called yoga. It is said that what does not happen from any other workout routine, it is from yoga.  From skin to body's inner health, yoga is working in making us fit. At the same time, along with the common people, bollywood and even hollywood celebs have also become the biggest bane of their lives. Today we are telling you about some such famous Hollywood actresses. They all love yoga very much.

Jennifer Aniston: Yoga also has its own meaning for Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, known for TV sitcom Friends. Jennifer, 53, is doing yoga along with exercise every day. He started doing yoga in 2005. She said that she is also doing spin yoga.

Lea Michele: Singer and actress Lea Michele loves hot yoga. Yoga is not only a big part of Lea's fitness routine, but is also the only means to find peace in her life. He had said about it, "I like those exercises, in which a little bit is associated with spirituality. It's a great combination of meditation, detox and great workouts. '

Martha Hunt: Victoria's's Secret model Martha Hunt has once been a victim of a disease called scoliosis. Due to which he had completed the spinal fusion surgery, after which he came to know about low impact yoga. Martha had said that she fell in love with yoga and later Pilates.    

Britney Spears: Yoga is nothing new to Britney Spears. Britney has been doing yoga for years and is also seen sharing photos and videos related to it on social media. Britney is seen posing tremendously well a lot of times.

Hailey Berry: Hollywood actress Hailey Berry is the goddess of fitness. Haley also often talks about her fitness. At the same time, she also shares photos on social media while doing exercise and yoga. He had shared his photo while stretching and said that for him fitness has not only meant running away, lifting weights and punching. Rather, breathing and stretching is also about being super fit for them.

Eva Longoria: According to media reports, Eva longoria, who  appeared with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at the Cannes Film Festival 2022, is a yoga fan. Eva is very fond of yoga and its therapeutic qualities. She has been seen doing yoga for a long time.  

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