These are the words of Srimad Bhagwat Gita that you should adopt in your life

Jun 20 2019 07:25 PM
These are the words of Srimad Bhagwat Gita that you should adopt in your life

The Gita Sar is the world where Lord Krishna has a wealth of knowledge and after reading it everyone has some knowledge. So the message that Lord Krishna gave to Arjuna in the Ran of Kurukshetra is useful for the entire human race and talk about some knowledge of the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita that we imbibe in our lives and we will be liberated from many sufferings. So today we tell you he preaches 7.

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Enjoy the present: According to Shri Krishna, one should not worry about the past and tomorrow, because that is what has to happen. What happens is good, so enjoy the present.

To live in self-realm: According to Shri Krishna, we are not named, rank, reputation, creed, religion, woman or man, nor are we. These bodies will get into fire, water, air, earth, sky and so on. But the soul is stable and we are the soul. The soul never dies, it is not born, nor death. Living in self-immolation is liberation.

Here everything changes: according to Shri Krishna, change is the law of the world. Here everything changes. So we can enjoy life by living in a sense of difference between happiness, sorrow, loss of life, defeat, humiliation, etc.

Anger is the enemy: Control your anger according to Shri Krishna. Anger creates confusion and distracts the intellect from confusion. This destroys memory and thus leads to the collapse of the person. Anger, lust and fear are our enemies.

Dedication to God: According to Shri Krishna, offer yourself to God. Then he will protect us and we will be free from grief, fear, anxiety, grief and bondage. Cleanse perspective: We need to purify our view and look at knowledge and karma in a way that will change our perspective.

Keep the mind calm: According to Shri Krishna, keep on practicing and disinterested in calming the disturbed mind, otherwise the uncontrolled mind will become our enemy. Think before karma: We have to bear the fruit of whatever actions we do. Therefore, one should think before you perform actions.

Do your job: According to Shri Krishna, it is better to do our own thing than to do anything else in full. Even if it is incomplete. Have a sense of equality: The name of disconnection from the world of equality, skill and sorrow in all actions is yoga.

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