Include these beautiful places of Japan in your travel bucket
Include these beautiful places of Japan in your travel bucket

Japan is a very beautiful country. It is the perfect place to roam in the summer season. Japan's weather remains very cold in the summer season. You can go here and enjoy with your family. Today we're going to tell you about the beautiful places in Japan. Where after going you will enjoy the holidays.

1- Mount Fiji is the tallest and most beautiful mountain in Japan. Here you can enjoy trekking. The beauty and cold weather of Mount Fiji Mountain attract everyone.

2- The Golden Pavilion in Japan is one of the most famous places. The temple is built in the middle of the pond and changes its look every season.

3- Disneyland in Japan Tokyo is the perfect place for kids to have fun. Here you can enjoy swimming as well as walking in the beach.

4- If you like to visit historical places, you must visit Highmaji Castle.  It is a very beautiful place.

5- The Tokyo Tower in Japan is inspired by the Eiffel Tower. Tourists come from far and away to see this tower. The tower is very beautiful, flaring light at night.

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