5 cardamom will make you rich overnight, just do this small work
5 cardamom will make you rich overnight, just do this small work

In today's time, many tasks are done by using totakes and the tricks are said to be very simple and effective. Now today we have brought some pieces of cardamom which will change your life. Let's tell you that the cardamom pieces, which will give a different place to your life.

Cardamom Totake -

# It happens many times that a person works hard to get promotion but he does not get any result of his hard work. In this case, if the same is happening with you, then you can do a trick. For this, tie a cardamom in a green cloth and keep it under the pillow at night and wake up in the morning and give it to an outsider. By doing this you will be promoted.

# If you are not getting money and you want money, always keep 5 cardamoms in your purse.

# Yes, it is said that by doing this your problems related to money can be eliminated and you can become rich gradually.

# People who are looking for a beautiful life partner have to take yellow cloth and put 5 cardamom in it and donate it to a poor person, because by doing this they will get a beautiful life partner.

# It is said that even if you do not get good numbers after working hard in studies, then boil cardamom in milk and drink it to a poor person till 7 Monday. If you do this, then you will start getting the desired results in your studies.

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