Know the signs of borderline diabetes

Diabetes is an incurable disease. This disease can be controlled by improving medication, daily routine and diet. Sweet things should be consumed sparingly. If negligent, the disease can prove dangerous. Skin is also affected by this disease. This causes many skin problems. There is also borderline diabetes. If you are also struggling with your skin problems, do not ignore it, rather seek medical advice immediately. It is a sign of borderline diabetes. If you do not know about this then let's know in detail?

What is borderline diabetes: In the medical field, borderline diabetes is also called pre-diabetes. In this, deep spots start appearing between the neck, arm, stomach and thigh. In this condition, the level of insulin in the person's blood is greatly increased. Borderline diabetes is a condition in which a person does not have diabetes, but the chances of getting diabetes are very high.

According to experts, the level of sugar in an ordinary person remains 100 mg/dl on an empty stomach. Whereas the sugar level should remain above 140 mg/dl after eating food. If the sugar level remains above 140 mg/dl after a meal, it is an indication of borderline diabetes. If you are negligent during this period, the diabetes crisis increases. Medication is not required in this situation, but special attention needs to be given to food. Do exercise and yoga daily.

Signs of Borderline Diabetes: If you see deep spots between your neck, arm, stomach and thigh, these are signs of pre-diabetes. It is also called borderline diabetes. The level of insulin in human blood is greatly increased. In medical practice, it is called acanthosis nigricans.

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