These DIY face Creams get rid off stubborn scars from your face

Apr 11 2019 05:35 PM
These DIY face Creams get rid off stubborn scars from your face

DIY Creams to get rid of scars

DIY creams are the best way one can get rid of the scars easily. You will see a considerable difference after the application of the DIY creams mentioned below. Sometimes, the results can take a bit longer time than expected. However, the results that you experience will never let your hopes down.

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Fuller’s Earth/ Multani mitti Cream

Mix fuller’s earth, lemon and turmeric with rose water and apply throughout the area which is scar prone. Leave this cream for at least half an hour. After the cream is completely dry, wash it off with warm water. Upon continuous usage, you will be surprised to see amazing results.

Gram Flour Cream

People those who are allergic to fuller’s earth can try out the cream with gram flour. Gram flour is considered as the beauty secret for a glowing and clear skin. Gram flour is the cheapest available ingredient that you can make use of.

Cocoa Butter Cream

In most of the times, cocoa butter comes under the category of moisturizer. However, do you know that this butter along with powerful ingredients make the best cream for removing scars? This cream can be easily applied to hand, legs, face or any acne prone area without side effects.

Glycerin Cream

Yet another useful cream for curing scars is glycerin cream. This is prepared by making use of Almond oil, coconut oil, few drops of water and glycerin. Store it in a container and use it regularly for excellent results.

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