These five types of food cause food poisoning, if eaten raw

Mar 21 2019 02:30 PM
These five types of food cause food poisoning, if eaten raw


It is such a human nature that whatever things are good for tongue, people fall behind them and gradually they become their favorite dish, but the truth is that the wrong habit is spoiling their health. .

These five types of food can be eaten raw by eating food poisoning

If these foods are consumed raw by raw for a long time then it can bring some more serious diseases. Today we are going to tell you about five such food items that should never be eaten raw and whenever they eat them Eat by cooking.


Egg is a very healthy food item, which is considered a source of protein. It contains almost all the nutritious ingredients needed for the body, but the egg is not considered as raw food according to health. Many people eat eggs with raw milk because of this it is good for health but the raw egg can be salmonella virus which can cause many problems in the stomach and hence before eating the egg, Be sure to cook.

Old potato

Old potato or other part of the potato, which is too late in the sun, becomes part of the potato, and in such a way, throwing potatoes is called as understanding. Still some people cut it and they make a vegetable but tell them, whenever the potato becomes green, it becomes a chemical named as Solenine. Its consumption can lead to headache, fatigue, nausea, stomach problems. To prevent this, the potatoes should be kept in a cool place, but if the green is green, then such a potato should not be consumed and if it is made in compulsion, then cut off every part of it properly.


Many people eat red beans raw, but if you consume red bean, then after some time after eating it you may have problems like vomiting, nausea, stomachache, swelling of the stomach. In fact, there is a type of toxic substance called kalpreet, due to which the problem of stomach increases, so keep it for at least five hours before using it, then eat it well.


Chicken fonders are many people and many times they use kima in their dish, they do not cook it properly or even eat raw. If it is eaten raw then it does a lot of damage. Bacteria present in it can make many problems in the stomach, if raw is eaten, then it may be food poisoning, so before cooking the chicken, cook it at a temperature of 165 degrees, it will die of bacteria present in it.

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