This week will be horrific, know the reason here

Sep 14 2019 08:59 AM
This week will be horrific, know the reason here

After years, rare full moon has been seen Yesterday. Actually, this full moon has appeared for the 13th time after many years and that is why this week is very frightening environment. With this, the nights of this week will also be scary.

Let us tell you that this date is related to bad luck and also for haunted houses, this moon will be like a curse. With this, the rare full moon that appears in September will be called Sharad Chandra (Harvest Moon). Although the moon usually begins to appear on average 50 minutes after sunset, the Harvest Moon arrives immediately after sunset due to the autumn equinox and this moon disperses the moonlight early in the evening than the ordinary moon.

At the same time, it was a traditional association for farmers in the past with the harvesting of their summer-grown crops, which is why this moon was named as "Harvest" moon i.e. Autumn Moon. In such a situation, the moon has come as a curse, because of this, yesterday's night was very scary.

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