These fruits and vegetables spread poison in the body!, EWG released the list
These fruits and vegetables spread poison in the body!, EWG released the list

We all are always ready to eat fruits and vegetables because eating them has many benefits for the body. Yes and they help in keeping the body away from diseases. Apart from this, it helps us to remain healthy. However, recently the Environment Working Report 2022 (EWG) has published the 2022 'Dirty Dozen', which lists fresh fruits and vegetables with the most pesticide use. Yes, according to recent information, the Dirty Dozen is a high-profile annual list originally created by EWG and included in this list of the 12 "Most Pesticide and Contaminantly Grown Fruits and Vegetables". There is a list of names. Let us tell you that this report is released every year by the American Activist Group. Let us know this list.

The most pesticide-rich vegetables and fruits - capsicum, chilli, mustard greens, spinach and other leafy greens as well as strawberries have the most pesticide use. Apart from these, there are apples, grapes and nectarines in the fruits. Cherries, peaches, celery, cherries, tomatoes and pears are some of the other foods that should be avoided.

Vegetables and fruits with low pesticides- An EWG report also pointed out which are the fruits and vegetables that increase the lowest pesticide content. Yes and 70% of the fruits and vegetables on this list had no harmful chemicals, only 5% of the fruits and vegetables had 2 or more pesticides. At the same time, in the list of 46 fruits and vegetables, avocado had the lowest levels of pesticides, followed by sweet corn, pineapple, onion mushrooms, melons, mangoes, watermelons, sweet potatoes, kiwi, sweet watermelons, sweet peas and papayas.

What experts say- The pesticide expert at EWG says that 'one should consume fruits and vegetables daily, no matter what the way to grow them.' Rather, buy fruits and vegetables that are organic. If one consumes organic food, the amount of harmful chemicals and pesticides in his body increases rapidly. '

What is the danger from pesticides- In a study conducted by Harvard University, it has been found that consuming vegetables and fruits with overdoses of pesticides and other toxins can lead to the risk of developing various heart conditions as well as early mortality.

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