Do you also have pain in your wrist, so follow this method

Sometimes there is sharp pain in the wrist due to lifting or injury to any heavy luggage. Many people consume painkillers to get rid of this pain. Pen killers are very harmful to health. Instead, you can get relief from wrist pain by using some home remedies.

1- If you have a severe wrist pain, add 6 drops of mustard oil to two drops of mint oil and mix well. Now massage your wrist with this oil. Massaging the wrist with this oil twice a day cures wrist pain.

2- Sometimes there is swelling in the wrist along with pain. In this case, cook with snow. This will relieve inflammation of your wrist and relieve pain.

3- Take hot water in a pot and add a little salt and mustard oil to it. Now dip your wrist in this water and keep it for 10 minutes. Doing so will help you get relief from wrist pain.

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