This player is treating Corona victims by putting her life at risk
This player is treating Corona victims by putting her life at risk

The emphasis of the Coronavirus epidemic is increasing all over the world. More than 44 lakh people have come in the grip of this deadly epidemic in the world, out of which about 3 lakh have died. Countries around the world are struggling with a shortage of medical staff to deal with this epidemic. Along with accolades in the sports world, many players who are trying their hand in the medical world have also come to the field to help their country in the war against this infection. A video of a similar Argentine champion judo player doctor posted on his Twitter handle has been saluted by his bravery.

The doctor who has uploaded a video of Paula Pareto, the Olympic Channel, has won the 48 kg weight gold medal in judo for Argentina at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Pareto, 34, had earlier won the bronze medal in the same weight category at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She has also won one gold, one silver and one bronze medal in 3 world championships.

Paula Pareto, apart from being recognized as a judo player in the sports world, also practices as an orthopaedic doctor at the Sen. Isidro Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has also qualified for her Olympic Games postponed due to Corona infection.


Paula joined hospital again due to a shortage of medical staff after postponing Tokyo Olympics. Although Paula says that being an orthopaedic doctor, she is not able to get much work in the frontline, but wherever there is a need, she is helping her fellow doctors there during this epidemic.

Paula had posted a famous statement of Winston Churchill, who was the Prime Minister of Britain in the Second World War on her Instagram page as soon as she returned to work in the hospital. This statement was said by Churchill to encourage his troops during the World War, in which victory has been considered as the last mantra after battling all the difficulties.

Paula was exposed to medical staff's difficulties in battling a Corona infection when she also quarantined her for 2 weeks when she returned from the Yekaterinburg Grand Slam Judo Championship during the start of the epidemic. I went. As soon as her isolation period was over, she started reaching the hospital and started helping his colleagues.

Former Holland (Netherlands) women's hockey team's goalkeeper Joyce Sombroek is also currently in the hospital treating Corona victims. Sombroeck, the winner of the London Olympics-2012 Gold Medal and the Rio Olympics-2016 Silver Medal, is counted as one of the most successful goalkeepers in world hockey. After the Rio Olympics, she had to quit sports because of a hip problem, and she took the admission for medical study at Vraji University, Amsterdam. She is currently working as a trainee doctor in the front line in the treatment of Corona victims.


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