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This news is for those who are very fond of roaming, Shillong is a beautiful destination. Located in Meghalaya, Shillong has revolving waterfalls, beautiful views of the surrounding hills and a peaceful atmosphere. You can enjoy sunrise and sunset and delicious dishes to the fullest. Local music can be spent listening in the evening, when people bring their guitars

1. Sweet Fall - One of the most standing and beautiful waterfalls of Shillong. This waterfall is called Vetden in the local language. This straight-sloped waterfall falls on black rocks from a height of 96 metres. During rainy season, the speed of its water increases and it falls with full force. The view of this waterfall is spectacular.

2. Lady Hydari Park is a tourist spot in Shillong that you cannot ignore. It is a lush green garden decorated with colourful flowers throughout the year. At the same time, the mini zoo with the adjoining deer park makes Lady Hydari Park even more special. Tourists and locals spend hours here.

3. Shillong Peak is the highest peak of Shillong. From here you can see the panoramic view of the entire city. It is one of the tourist destinations in the city which attracts the most tourists. In fact, tourists are interested in the sights of the city that is visible from this peak. Historians believe that this mountain led to the name of the city as Shillong.

4. The beauty of Shillong from The Wardus Lake adds four moons. Wardus Lake is located in the heart of Shillong city and is the heartbeat of the city. The wards can boat on the lake. The water in this lake is so clear that fish floating inside are visible. You must also see the botanical garden associated with it. Here, colourful birds charm the mind.

5. There is a high and huge granite rock on Merang-Nokhalo Road known as Kailang Rock. It is a circular dome-like rock with a diameter of about 1000 feet.

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