These silly mistakes of you can cause hair loss

Almost all the girls use a lot of methods to make their hair long and strong, but still most girls are troubled by hair loss problems, but why? The reason for this may be some of the mistakes you made. Sometimes, because of not having the right information, girls make such mistakes, due to which the hair starts becoming weak and weak.

1- Often girls and women shampoo two or three times a week to make their hair silky and shiny, but do you know that the use of shampoo in a greater amount reduces hair roots and begins to fall hair . Using excessive amount of shampoo in hair ends natural oil in Scalp. By which the roots of the hair become weak. Doing this gives stubbornness in the hair and it looks lifeless.

2- Never tie your hair tightly. Tightening the hair loosens its roots . By which the hair starts breaking down.

3- Always choose the right hair product according to your hair. Otherwise, your hair will become weak and break down.

4- Girls use mostly pressing machines to straighten their hair, but due to excessive steam, the hair does not only burn, but rather weakens and breaks.

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