These SIMs won't work from today, see if your mobile number is included

There is an important news for mobile phone users. Yes, the SIM of some people is going to be closed from today. In fact, an order was given by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) on December 7 of 2021 last year and under this order, it was ordered to end the exemption of those who have more SIM cards. At the same time, under this order, users were asked to re-verify more than 9 SIMs and 45 days were given for that. Not only this, but the time limit of this order was 45 days and today that deadline is ending from today i.e. 20 January 2022. Due to this, now the outgoing calls of people running more than 9 SIMs without SIM verification will be stopped. Let us tell you that the Department of Telecommunications had ordered the telecom operators to stop the outgoing calls for 30 days and incoming calls in 45 days to the SIM cards of users with more than 9 SIMs without verification.

Not only this, but along with this, the SIM should be completely closed within 60 days. In such a situation, according to a famous website, it was announced to give 30 days extra time to international roaming, sick and disabled persons, which is slightly different from Indian people living in India. Yes and this decision has been taken keeping in view the economic security of the people. Let us tell you that according to the Department of Telecommunications, if a complaint is received against the mobile number on behalf of the Law Enforcement Agency or from the bank or any other financial institution, then outgoing calls of such SIMs should be stopped in 5 and incoming calls in 10 days. had ordered. Whereas the services of SIM will be completely stopped in 15 days.

Who can keep how many SIMs- Let us also tell you that if we follow the new rules of the Department of Telecommunications, any citizen of India can keep 9 SIMs. However, 6 SIMs have been allowed for Northeast including Jammu and Kashmir. At the same time, according to the new rules, it will be illegal to have more than 9 SIMs on one ID, such online fraud, objectionable calls have been raised to prevent incidents.

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