These small measures will get you married.

The wedding season is going on these days and marriages are taking place in every other locality. There are many who are ready for marriage but still their marriage is getting delayed. There are many who are married but are not getting the right boy or girl for them. Today, we are going to tell you some of the ways in which you can reduce the delay in your marriage. Let us explain.

If marriage is delayed, take these measures:

For girl-
- Feed the rabbit daily.
- Fast on Thursday, donate yellow items to the temple.
- Offer water on banyan trees, peepal and banana trees on Thursday. Light a pure ghee lamp.
- Apply saffron or sandalwood tilak on forehead every day, wear tulsi garland.
- Wearing as many yellow clothes as you can.
- Consume saffron in food.
- When the girl's father or brother goes out of the house to talk about a girl's relationship, keep her hair open until she returns.

For boys-
- Boys should go to Hanuman Temple on Tuesday and worship them. Then, with a little vermilion from his forehead, he should go to the temple of Lord Ram and Mother Sita and offer it at their feet and wish them a speedy marriage. This measure should be taken by Tuesday.
- Donate 1 kg 200 grams of gram dal and 1.25 litres of milk to a needy person on Monday. Both boys and girls can take this measure.
- Keep feeding a red cow by wrapping jaggery in bread or feeding saffron rice. Both boys and girls can take this measure.
- Take a bath every Thursday by adding a pinch of turmeric to the bathwater.

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