These little tips will come handy in your kitchen
These little tips will come handy in your kitchen

In their kitchen, everyone is skilled and ready to deal with every situation. But today we are going to tell you some tips that will make your job even easier. 

If you are making green vegetables, the green colour fades after cooking. Otherwise, add a pinch of sugar to the green vegetable while cooking it, so that the colour of the vegetable remains green even after cooking.

You are well aware of the stickiness of bhindi. While making bhindi curry for that, add a little lemon juice or half tsp amchur powder, it will not make bhindi sticky.

Tears come out of the eyes of good people on cutting onions. To avoid this, before cutting the onion, cut it into two pieces and keep it in water for a while, by doing this there will be no tears while cutting the onion.

Add a few pieces of ginger to the bread pot, which keeps the bread soft and fresh.

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