These Indian spices keep the body healthy

Dec 06 2018 12:16 PM
These Indian spices keep the body healthy

Many types of spices are used to enhance the taste of food in the Indian kitchen. The ingredients that are delicious in this spice meal are also beneficial for our health. Many types of diseases can be treated using these spices. 

1- If you have a stomachache, then add half a teaspoon of garlic juice and half a teaspoon of water and rock salt together. Doing this will cure stomachache. 

2- To get relief from headache, apply asafetida in some water and apply on your forehead. Doing this will get relief from headache. 

3- Use black pepper to cure chronic cough. Take this mixture together with black pepper and jaggery. Doing so will cure the problem of cough. 

4- If you have been blunt in your mouth, then add a spoon of camphor in a spoon of ghee and mix it in your mouth. By doing this the problem of bark  will be overcome. 

5- If your fever is not coming low scale mix old jaggery in cumin powder and eat it. Doing this will remove the  fever.


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