These symptoms are seen when there is a stone, know what is the reason for it

Kidney stones look like pebbles and they happen to many people in today's time. In fact, they are made of a combination of mineral and salt and their size can be as much as clay and as much as a golf ball. Rather sometimes it comes out of our body through our kidney or urinary tract but sometimes it has to be operated to get out. On the other hand, the pain of kidney stone is not only unbearable but it also makes the person miserable. There can be many reasons for this to happen. Yes and according to experts, the problem of drinking less water is the most important reason for its formation. Not only this, but apart from this, wrong eating can also be the reason for kidney stone formation. Now today we tell you the symptoms and causes of kidney stone.

Symptoms of kidney stone-
Pain while urinating.
Blood in urine
Unusual smell of urine.
Discoloration of urine.
Only a small amount of urine comes at a time.​
Urination to urinate – more than usual.
Nausea, vomiting and fever
burning pain while urinating
pink, red, or brown urine
Pain that spreads to lower abdomen and genitals
pain that is intermittent and sometimes mild sometimes severe

Due to having kidney stone-
family history
drink less water
Salt, and sugar
surgery and diseases

To avoid stones, do not consume these things even by mistake

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