These tips can help you in enjoying oral sex at most

Mar 17 2019 09:15 PM
These tips can help you in enjoying oral sex at most

Oral is one of the most popular types of sex which deliver pleasure to the partners.  According to the study conducted by the State University of New York , most women find it hard to climax through classic full-on sex. Oral becomes an integral part in such cases to pleasure her.

Women want more sex as compared to Men: Study

The study also found that there were surprising benefits in semen which contains mood-altering chemicals like natural antidepressants.

Here are few things one needs to know about oral sex to make it that much more special.

It  makes a couple feel more bonded. It’s such an intimate thing to do after all. That is perhaps one of the reasons, experts say that partners if swinging can have full penetrative sex, but no oral.

This is the most desirable trait in a romantic partner, develop it

Washing machine technique does not help. Most complain that men who engage in oral sex do the ‘washing machine’ technique, where the tongue is stuck on spin cycle, going around, around, and around again on her clitoral zone. Variation usually helps.

Experiment – Finding different or new technics  actually do help where she gently takes his testicles in one hand while with the other she guides his penis into her mouth. He can also try another position where  he uses his tongue and laps across her pubic mound and clitoral zone.

Trimming is important. People forget that trimming and ‘strimming’ their pubic hair is crucial to their partner being able to give pleasure.


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