These tips will come in handy to clean the non-stick pan, the brightness will remain.

Often non-stick pans are used in homes these days. Yes, because it is best for people who eat less ghee-oiled food. However, if such pans are not taken care of well, then they start deteriorating. Not only this, but they also start to look dirty and many times their coating starts to come out. Have you wondered why this happens? In fact, it happens because it is not used properly. Today we tell you easy and simple tips to clean the non-stick pan and maintain its shine.

Clean the dish with washing liquid - Keep in mind that non-stick utensils are cleaned with the help of sponge. Yes and if there are not many stains on the pot, then clean it with the help of a dish wash.  

Clean with bleaching powder - Use bleaching powder to clean the pan. Yes and for this, mix the bleaching powder in hot water and then clean the pan with it. Bleaching powder will also keep the glow of your pan.  

 Clean with aluminum foil - You should use aluminum foil to clean the non-stick pan. Yes and for this, wrap the balls of aluminum foil and mix it with the powder that washes the dishes and clean the pan. By doing this, the stains of the pot will be removed. However, it should be remembered that do not try this tip on the pan with a special coating.

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