These tips will help you in getting rid of period pain

Periods!!! One of the biggest problem according to a woman which they face in their life every month. Every female face the bleeding of the period once in a month which lasts for almost five to seven days which disgusts them. During this time women can be seen in a different mood which is called mood swings.

Many females also have to go through unbearable pain in their periods. Well, to get rid of this pain today we have few tips for you which will surely help you and relief you from the pain.

1. Woman feel very weak during their period time due to which they behave irritatingly. So, to get relief from this a woman should intake green vegetables.

2. Pineapple has Bromelin enzyme which also helps in removing the weakness.

3. Before sleeping at the night, mix vetiver in hot milk and drink.

4. Boil the Tulsi leaves, mix honey in it and drink two to three times in a day.

5. Avoid eating meat and fat based dishes during your period time.


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