These two movies of the South are coming to make a splash on OTT soon.

There is talk of the movie being released on OTT. Recently, in Hindi movies, Kashmir files (the reasons are different) and bhool bhulaiyaa have attracted a small crowd to themselves. The rest, after the Covid-era, only KGF and RRR are the only films that have got a packed number of seats. In the midst of all this, the whole spread of Hindi and mother tongue intensified and in it, the big names of the movie industry were seen keeping  their word. It was learnt that a south India non-Hindi star has said that Hindi movie industry can't afford to reward him. Here we will not go into this debate, nor is there going to give any kind of knowledge. At the moment, you may know that if the Hindi who are becoming increasingly lax have been bored with the content (Gullak 3 and the Panchayat you have settled) and love to watch South Indian movies, then we have brought to you some special movies...

Jallikattu (2019): The Jallikattu movie has begun its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. The story of which is very short - a buffalo had run away from a butcher's house and the whole village has gone out to find that buffalo. But whatever happens in order to find this is beyond imagination and shocking. People who went out to look for an animal know that there were so many animals roaming around disguised. This movie is loaded on your head like a long and heavy hang-over. The movie's director Lijo Hoze Pellissari is also known for his different kind of film-making. His movie Angamali Diaries featured more than 80 new artists at the same time. Jallikattu is present on the film Prime Video.


2. Nyattu (2021): Keeping Joju George's films away from such a list is a very difficult problem. Movie Nyattu is a political thriller where the police are chasing some policemen. The motorcycle of a local political goon's companion goes from the policemen's jeep to the crowd and on the way, the boy loses his life. This story of the accident suddenly takes a political turn and becomes on the lives of those policemen who are drinking alcohol in the marriage. Fearing  murder,  the three policemen run away and the chief minister of the province issues a decree to find them. Elections are on the head, in such a situation, no one wants to take any risk. The whole story is a fantastic compilation of this participle and the effort  to save lives. This movie was shortlisted by India in the category of Best International Movies.


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