These vegetables are a good source of vitamins

Dec 07 2018 04:23 PM
These vegetables are a good source of vitamins

Healthy eating is very important for a healthy body. Just like minerals, calcium and proteins are essential for our body, in the same way vitamins are also very important for our body. Vitamin acts as a blood clot in our body. As a result of which there is a hedge against bleeding after injury. It prevents calcium from freezing in the arteries. Adding vitamins to your food keeps old age away. Today, we are going to tell you about some vegetables that contain plenty of vitamins. 

1- Spinach contains plenty of vitamins. A cup spinach contains about 1027 microgram nutrients. In addition, spinach contains abundant vitamin A and beta-carotene. 

In green leafy vegetables, most vitamins are present inside the banana. Kale is like cabbage in seeing. Most people use this as a salad. One cup of kel is found in 1147 microgramg of vitamins. 

3- Broccoli contains plenty of iron, protein, calcium, chromium and vitamin A. Broccoli contains 220 micrograms of vitamins. 

4- Carrots are found in 10. 7 micrograms of vitamins. Drinking a juice of carrot daily, the body receives a lot of nutritious nutrients.

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