These yogasanas will lose weight in 1 month!

If you want to lose weight then you can include some yoga in your life which can come in handy for you. Let's know about the yogas that are effective in losing weight.

Surya Namaskar - This asana of yoga is the most famous. In fact, surya namaskar means to greet the sun. Yes and 12 yoga postures have been included in this yoga asana. This yoga is beneficial for the whole body. Let me tell you that it is enough to do surya namaskar for 10 to 15 minutes.

Veerabhadrasana - Veerbhadrasana is called warrior posture and your position in this asana is similar to the currency going to the mountains. Yes and in this, pull your foot backwards and make the other leg in the position of jumping forward. Then move the head up with the hands folded. Now straighten the pulled legs while moving your hand in front of the chest. After that, keep the other leg still at 90 degrees and stretch both hands outwards by stretching them outwards.  

Trikonasana - To do this, spread both your legs and open the hands outwards. Then bring the straight hand down slowly towards the straight leg. Now you have to look down at the waist while moving downwards. After this, keep the straight palm on the ground. Yes, and move the inverted hand upwards. This process is repeated from the other side as well.  

Purvottanasana - To perform this asana, sit on the feet and pull them forward. Now move your hands behind the hips and move towards the legs. After that you lift the body upwards with the legs and try to move the head backwards. This pose is the exact opposite of the posture of doing push-ups. Yes and it is good for your back, shoulders, hands, spine, wrist and rusty muscles from asanas.

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