These4 Zodiac sign people are the scariest when angry


An Aquarius isn't usually aggressive in nature, but when they are, they frighten the daylights out of people. While they don't scream or get aggressive, their fury speaks for itself. When they're furious, they're the scariest, and they make sure their presence is felt even in a group of 100 people.


A Pisces is normally calm and serious, yet their fury frightens everyone. They are never confrontational, yet their quiet speaks volumes. If you enrage a Pisces, there's a good possibility you'll never speak to him or her again. Consider yourself lucky if you are particularly close to them.


When a Cancer is angry, he or she might become aggressive. It's best to keep away from them in order to prevent escalating the issue. Cancers are unable to manage their rage and frequently lash out at anybody or everything who pokes them at the time.


A Leo might be easily offended by minor things. His or her rage may frighten others away, but only for a short period. Their rage dissipates in a matter of minutes, but when they are upset, they may become exceedingly unpleasant and impolite. With their harsh words, they may even stab you. As a result, it's best not to bother a Leo when he or she is enraged.

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