These symptoms are seen when there is weakness in child, know the reason and ways to avoid it
These symptoms are seen when there is weakness in child, know the reason and ways to avoid it

There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm in children. In such a situation, as soon as they come from school, the children get out of the game. You all know that you don't feel tired quickly even after playing. Yes, because children have the ability to jump to play all day long. In such a situation, if your child is not interested in jumping to play and sits in the house and starts feeling tired quickly, then the child may not be physically healthy. Yes, and children behave in this way because of weakness. Many times due to weakness in muscles, children may have difficulty not only playing, but also walking. Apart from this, the child seems to be sluggish. Not only this, but many times, the weakness in children increases so much that they are not even able to do personal work. Now to find out if your child is physically weak or not, we are going to tell you the symptoms that you should know.

Headache and fatigue – If the child repeatedly says of having a headache or starts feeling tired only after a little activity, then it is considered to be a sign of being unhealthy internally. Many times, while playing or doing some work, the heart rate of the child increases and he starts having trouble breathing. In such a situation, he should be considered weak.

Pain in the legs and difficulty in walking - Many times due to lack of nutrition, there is also weakness in the feet of children. Yes, and in the age of jumping, children are still not able to walk well and often complain of pain in the legs. Apart from this, children have difficulty standing, running and jumping, so it can also be a sign of calcium deficiency.

Fever - If the child has a fever quickly, then his immunity can be weak as well as he can be physically weak.

Pain in the arm and hands - Many times children also complain of pain in the hands and arms. Yes, and he gets upset while writing, eating by himself, playing, carrying a bag or buttoning on a shirt. In such a situation it is a symptom of weakness.

Drying of the face - This can be identified first of all by drying the child's face, breaking the lips and having dark circles under the eyes. In fact, rashes can also come on the faces of children. They also have problems talking, swallowing and sucking.  

Reasons for weakness in children - There can be many reasons for the weakness in the child. In this list, there can be a weakness in the child due to lack of nutrition, weakness in the muscles, polio, acute flaccid myelitis and many diseases.

Ways to avoid weakness - If children show signs of weakness, then take them to the doctor first. Apart from this, give children a nutritious diet, which is rich in protein, iron, calcium, vitamins and antioxidants.

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