8 things no one tells you about being in a relationship
8 things no one tells you about being in a relationship

Relationships can be confusing at any age, especially during college. Besides the fact that you're trying to sort out what the hell you want to do with your life, you now have to factor your partner into these decisions as well.

Singletons have it no easier, panicking about whether they're going to be alone for the rest of their lives. Being in a relationship isn't easy, but the most important thing at this age is to be happy in yourself and if you're with someone, that they make you happy too.

Here are ten things no one tells you about relationships.

1. You’ll realize that relationships are nothing like they show in the movies

2. You will always struggle to find time for one another no matter how hard you try

3. You’ll struggle to find time for yourself as well

4. Sometimes you have to like things that you hate just because they bought it for you

5. Everyone you’ve ever met will try to give you advice on relationship. 90% of time it will be useless

6. Date nights, Anniversary of when you first saw each other, dated, kissed, went on a holiday and so on will burn a hole in your pocket. You’re always broke!

7. You are always trying new things and picking up hobbies which they like

8. You also pick up their bad habits along the way. However, you also cure each other of your bad habits

9.  Your biggest fight are about the dumbest things

10. You do things that you don’t like for the happiness of your partner – like hanging out with their friends


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