Things to keep in mind In case of Sibling Aggression: Expert Shares Inputs

Sibling rivalry is very common. Children fight over petty issues and create turmoil in the house. They get upset with each other when not able to meet their expectations. Children of similar age may have similar or not similar interests. One child may be smarter than the other. Jealousy and mutual conflict can be obvious between children. In such a situation parents have a great role to play. Children are very tender, they need care and attention.

From staying calm to re-establishing the sense of safety, there are certain essential things that a parent should keep in mind while observing sibling aggression.  Parents should control the fight and aggression between kids. Usually, kids grow up fighting with each other, arguing, and showing tantrums. This usually leads to more aggression and discord between the siblings.

At such a point the parents should not take sides. It is very painful for the parents to see their loved children quarrel. It is hard for the parents to tackle such sensitive issues. It is important to keep cool in such situations.

Dr. Jazmine, The Mon psychologist shares a useful post on how to handle sibling rivalry . In the explainer video, she advises the parents to keep cool in such situations. It is important to remind that it is no good or bad in the situation.

When the kids are fighting they do not feel safe. At such time it is important to establish safety by being between kids assuring that their bodies are not hurting.

The parents should allow the older kid to identify and validate the problem once the situation is in control. The parents should encourage the older child to commu

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