Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping Online

Jun 23 2019 01:10 PM
Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping Online

Five years ago in India, no one expected the online market to grow so faster in the country, but time changed and people's confidence in online shopping grew. The biggest advantage of online shopping is that you're having the same stuff listed by several different companies. In such a case you see things according to your need and choice and then buy. 

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You don't need to bargain online, as the same product is available on different websites with different prices. Online shopping has some features, but there's a big fraud. A little carelessness or mistake of yours in the online market may put you in trouble. So let's know what you need to take care of in online shopping. The first thing you need to do in online shopping is to identify the website because, on social media, big companies like Amazon and Flipkart share fake links and show a number of fake ads. These advertisements also claim to sell goods worth Rs 10,000 or Rs 100. If you don't understand the website, you may be a victim of fraud and may also get counterfeit goods. 

First check, if the website is secure because making a payment on an unsecured site is a threat. You should not rely on such a website if a website does not have a green lock mark or https at the beginning of the URL. Such websites may be fake and may be used to steal on your Debit/credit card details. It may steal a debit card or personal information related to the bank. Sometimes a friend sends a message to WhatsApp claiming to offer a smartphone worth Rs 15,000 for just Rs 150. Such messages also use the logo of websites like Amazon and Flipkart to mislead people. You don't have to click or trust a message that's contain such link you found with such a message. If you look carefully at such messages, you'll find that they have a different name. Sometimes some sellers list fake products on well-known and well-known e-commerce websites. These sellers keep the price of the goods more or less in view of the market demand. If you're buying goods from any website, check the accompanying label. For example, Flipkart is labeled Flipkart assured with products on Flipkart and Amazon with Amazon fulfilled in writing. Do not buy products that do not have these labels, as e-commerce companies do not take responsibility for any such products. You can view this photo to understand.

For your information, there have been cases of online shopping where payments were taken during the purchase but the goods were not delivered, and then the courtroom had to go round for the money. Cash on delivery is the easiest and safest way to avoid any fraud in online shopping. If this feature is available while ordering an item, you should choose it. The goods first reach you, then you have to make a payment. Do not save cards in online payments If a website does not facilitate cash on delivery for a product and you feel that the website can be trusted, you can make an online payment. , but in the meantime, your credit/credit on that site is not yet in place. Don't make the mistake of save a debit card. In fact, when you enter your card information when making a payment, you get the option of saving card details. Sometimes it's already ticking on ok or yes. Before confirming the payment, remove the tick from the yes and select no.

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