Things to know about Gangajal
Things to know about Gangajal

Gangajal is considered to be very important in our Hindu religion. Every work begins with the use of Gangajal. Gangajal is used in every work from birth to death. But while using it, it is important to keep some precautions in mind. Otherwise, its use can lead to damage rather than benefit.

1- Many people keep the Gangajal in a plastic bottle or similar container, it is inauspicious to keep it in a plastic bottle, it should always be kept in silver or any other vessel made of metal.

2- If you keep the Gangajal in your house, then keep it in a holy place. And you should also clean the place from time to time. Always keep in mind that in the room where you have kept it, never eat meat or alcohol.

3-Gangajal should always be kept in the north corner of your house.

4- Always clean your hands while touching the Gangajal. Never touched Gangajal with dirty hands.

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