Things you should stop doing if you are newly married

Don’t say no to the compromise:  You can't always have things your way and you both need to compromise as the situation demands. It's important that you learn how to work together as a team doing what's best for you both together as husband and wife and not at individual levels.

Do not avoid money talks: Money is important and knowing how you're going to manage it together is something that you need to pay heed to from the start.. It's essential that it is clear from the beginning as to how you guys would be taking care of the family budget, your savings and your investments.

No place for ignorance: Expressing your feelings in the heartiest of ways and putting problems across with thought, compassion and in the best possible way is how you should go about it. Be it hearty conversations, supporting each other or even arguing, learn how to communicate with each other.

House hold responsibilities on one person: Another important aspect after money that you should be clear about from the beginning is the responsibility of your household chores.  Household responsibilities were discussed and made clear at an early stage. Once you start figuring your routine out lay out all that needs to be done and how.

Avoiding your partner’s friends: Your partner's friends and colleagues are a part of their lives and you mustn't ignore them. Instead, try to get to know and hang out with them. This will surely make your partner feel great about how you are trying to accept every part of their life.

Avoiding post-wedding trips: Post-wedding blues are totally normal. After all the excitement of the wedding, it’s natural to feel a dip in your mood. But how can you keep that excitement in a marriage, do not stop making plans. Try to visit new places as much as possible.

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