Due to steroids, this actor had to undergo chest surgery

Love Island star Thomas Powell has been heard to hear a shocking news. Actually, Thomas Powell has become addicted to steroids. This bad habit has also forced him to undergo chest surgery. The strange thing is that Thomas is ready to endure the pain of the surgery. But under no circumstances are steroids assumed to be discarded. So let's know why the Island Star is so in love with steroids.

Thomas doesn't want to leave steroids: Television reality show star Thomas Powell has become badly addicted to steroids at the age of 30. Due to this habit, he underwent chest surgery last week, which has also started to be streamed live. Due to taking steroids, they are known as Gynecomastia. This is a condition due to which men's breasts also start swelling. For this reason, male chests do not appear normal. 

Despite the swelling in the breast, Thomer is not bothered about this. Not only this, but even after all this, everything is ok for him and he is in the mood to give up steroids. A few days after the surgery, he has said in an interview that "Yes... Yes... Without a doubt, I will continue to take steroids for the rest of my life." He has also spoken about why Thomas loves steroids so much. 

Thomas Powell once said, "I don't take drugs, I don't drink, I'm not even a party animal. That's why steroids are like poison to me. The benefits I'm getting from it have been many times better than going out." Thomas Powell claims that his skin and hair benefited a lot from the use of steroids. So there is no question of leaving it.  

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