This AI app will be of Great Help for Blind People
This AI app will be of Great Help for Blind People

One of the world's largest companies, Microsoft has launched a new app on the iPhone platform for the visually impaired. With its help, light will be found by which blind people will know the solution of their near-world. In this app, the company has used Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Apart from this, the free "Seeing AI" app will be able to read the small text along with the logo. Considering the company, it can also identify the product and currency and the surrounding things.

Using smart glasses in a smartphone camera or camera, it recognizes the surroundings and emotions. If you give the camera of the iPhone to the park then this app will tell you how it looks. Apart from this camera app, you can get notifications about the world around you.

This app is designed for the visually impaired community. This app is being made available in the US, Canada, India, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

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